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A Message From Co-Founder Of JSBlueRidge Wholesaler

by sanjay sharma 08 Jul 2021 0 Comments


I am Sanjay Suprana Co-founder of JSBlueRidge, which is one of the most reliable and authentic E-commerce online platforms in the United States. We guarantee to provide the tremendous supply of commodities and desired bulk products with an extraordinary discount in many northern states of America like North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania

Our mission“To keep our person protected and healthy by selling through online channels to accept and embrace new opportunity by holding each other's hands and bypass this pandemic and flourish our livelihood and get connected with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to expand their business and brands globally”.

The pandemic has changed how business used to be done and changed the way businesses operate. We provide services as B2B Wholesaler, B2B Dropshipping, and B2B Supplier.

We will help you to upgrade your business and flourish them by giving our assistance in the following way: -

  • Build your online presence by having websites to showcase your products
  • Increase your conversion leads and presence to the targeted niche.
  • Provide Discounts & offers to attract the audience.
  • Cut down the costs of warehousing and inventory and maximize the revenue.
  • No need to maintain physical records.
  • Easy for Bulk orders, Reorder functionality, and having Simple design & navigation.
  • Ratings & reviews to gain trust and ultimately more customers.
  • Secure payment system

You'll find the attachment below for BBM, kindly have a glance and feel free to contact us for any queries. We feel blessed and honor to return any of our favor towards mutual growth and prosperity.

To know more about our business services and for an in-depth understanding of JSBlueRidge kindly have a visit to JSBlueRidge website

Thanking you for your precious time.

Stay safe and Be Together.

Sanjay Suprana

they've found or created. They put offline and online together with this, Providing a great shopping experience for their customers.

Summing Up

JSBlueRidge has evolved from a pioneer in E-commerce to the most groundbreaking online platform in the United States. Their team has turned what began in 1989 as a wholesale paper and food packaging supplier into the USA's leading online E-commerce site with enormous zeal and a sound market sense.

Strengthening profitable business strategies would be critical to business survival in the rapidly evolving digitalized retail environment of the future. In this plan, JSBlueRidge aims to set consistent benchmarks and drive rapid growth as a new global online retailer and service provider.

To know more about their business connect with JSBlueRidge at




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