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Choose Fidget According To Your Priorities And Situation

by QC Team JS 18 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Nowadays many schools and institute adopting new features and techniques of studying the change in learning environment can cause anxiety and distraction. Fidgets are an easy way to help learners and first-time teachers at home stay focused and on track, even when tasks seem dull or boring.
A  fidget tool may help block out distractions, fight boredom, and increase productivity.

People on the may find using fidget tools soothing and calming as the tools help them meet their sensory needs. For people with ADHD, the tools can provide a movement outlet that allows them to focus and concentrate better. Some people with anxiety may also benefit from using fidget tools.

The purpose of a fidget is to act as a sensory filter. It is a tool that can help with self-regulation, attention, and calming.  It is not a toy.  The wrong fidget, or a fidget used the wrong way, can end up being distracting or disruptive, the opposite of the desired effect.

An effective fidget doesn’t distract from the primary task because it is something that the user doesn’t have to think about. It provides an activity that uses a sense other than the one required for the primary task. For example, a quiet manipulative using the hands while looking at or listening to the teacher can help promote increased focus.

Fidget tools should be used time by time. People can depend to the sensory benefits of an object, so use it for short periods at times when concentration is most needed then only use these fidget toys. When you not use fidget tools keep them away from you otherwise you will be fully dependent on that and it become habitual.

Fidget tools come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Not every fidget will work for every person. Different types of fidgets can meet different sensory needs. There is no one size fits all sensory fidget.

Many different items can be used as a fidget tool. They do not need to be expensive or even something purchased. Sometimes people find something as simple as a small piece of soft material.  What matters is to find a tool that works for the individual person.

Along with being quiet and safe, what makes a good fidget tool?

  • Can be used without causing distraction to the user or others around them
  • Can be used without looking, so the user can focus on the task or lesson
  • Meets the user’s sensory needs (e.g., texture, shape, sensation)
  • Fits the user’s physical abilities (in particular, motor skills and hand strength)

    Some things to consider for choosing an appropriate fidget for your needs.

    Who – Consider who will be using the fidget.  Do they crave or dislike certain textures? Do they like to pull or pinch or squeeze? Do they crave pressure or proprioceptive input? How much strength do they have to manipulate a fidget? Is the person an oral seeker – are they likely to chew and bite it?

    Material – Fidgets are made in in a variety of material. Plastic, metal, rubber, stone, and latex components can create items that feel soft, squishy, hard, wiry, or malleable.

    Motion – Some people are drawn to a fidget because of the motion used to manipulate it. Consider what form of movement is most soothing — stretching, twisting, flexing, building, spinning, shaping, clicking, etc.

    Size – Many fidgeters like to keep something in a pocket, so that it is easily transported, discreet, and can be used without anyone seeing. Small fidgets can also be ideal for one-handed use and finger-tip manipulation. However, items that are a bit larger and chunkier can feel more substantial and engage more muscles and more parts of the brain.

    Appearance – Even though fidgeting is primarily a tactile experience, what it looks like can matter. Some fidgeters are drawn to playful colors, looks, and shapes. Because memory and recall have been shown to improve when more areas of the brain are activated, additional stimulus created by the visual, auditory, and emotional experience of using a fidget tool is likely to have a positive impact.

    Durability – Many fidget tools are fairly inexpensive and vary in durability and washability. Hard plastic and metal are likely to stand the test of time. Rubbery or gel-filled items tend to pick up more dirt and can be more difficult to clean.

    Weight – Some fidget users prefer items that have a little heft or weight. Of course, they should not be too heavy or cumbersome.

    Understanding the variety of sensory needs can help find the tools or resources that would be best for each individual. You may want to try a few to figure out which tools best help with calm and focus.

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