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Emerging JSBlueRidge as a Wholesaler and Dropshipper

by sanjay sharma 20 Jul 2021 0 Comments


JSBlueRidge is a registered Business to Business supplier company that supply daily used products from wholesalers to retailers. This B2B Company is registered under the name, J&S USA International, Since 2018.

The Warehouse of this company is located in North Carolina, USA. Our parent organization is Happy Paper inc. Since 1989, we have used to deals with wholesale papers and food packaging supplies. In 2018, We started our new online E-Commerce portal providing access to Business to Business.

The main objective of the JSBlueRidge B2B supplier is to provide a platform where other markets can buy and sell with us. We import products from all around the world and supply them to businesses in the United States.

B2B: - Suppliers are those that facilitate the business transaction between two businesses. Like between Wholesalers and Retailers. The B2B E-Commerce platforms have redefined the relationship between the B2B suppliers and the businesses. Using these B2B E-commerce platforms, Wholesale companies get the chance to deal directly with the retailer companies and sell their products.

The Retailer:Companies using these B2B E-Commerce platforms Get the information and updates on products. B2B wholesalers are those who used to sell products in bulk amounts to the retailer businesses.

B2B Drop shippers: - Online resellers who do not keep goods in stock but transfer the good directly from the Wholesalers to the Suppliers. The JSBlueRidge Company facilitates the transaction conducted between Wholesalers and Retailers.

JSBlueRidge :- The E-commerce platform from where retailers will get the chance to know about the Wholesaler Companies. The JSBlueRidge Company is a B2B supplier company that imports daily use products from all around the world to the United States.

We as a B2B supplier company deal in daily use products like home decoration, Kitchen wares, Trendy gift items, Trending products, Clothing, Fashion, Food packing products, Daily use paper products, Cutlery and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

JSBlueRidge is also providing the service of Drop shipping. We will meet the dealers, manage the inventory, and then deliver all the products to your doorstep.

JSBlueRidge users will get the chance to deal with both the Wholesalers and the Drop shippers as per their need. It targets the daily requirement at present such as a Mask or other PPE items as well as Trendy products, Daily used products and others all available in one place. We want to cater to customer's daily needs.

We follow the Drop shipping form of retail business. This means that the seller accepts the customer's order but may not have the products in stock and will get it as per the order. The Drop shipping method allows the seller to reduce cost and get the products as per the demand of the customer, making it more convenient.

We also import products for our supplier to the USA, from around the world. JSBlueRidge connects the demand and supplier and ensures ease of transaction between them.

To know more about their business, connect with JSBlueRidge at


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