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Biodegradable Food Packaging

by QC Team JS 24 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Since from past many years biodegradable food packaging was not in use, but now it is widely used. The growing interest in these materials is a reflection of growing consumer which concern about the environment.  Eco friendly items are used for many types of fast foods and beverages – including dairy products, bakery items, salads, soups, and snacks. Case packs of products such as coffee, disposable cutlery, and bulk foods, can take advantage of sustainable packaging materials as well. As specialists in food packaging design, packaging fulfillment, and distribution, Heritage Pioneer can assist food manufacturers, processors, and distributors in selecting the proper materials for their unique needs.

Material which is used.

 PLA material is derived from sugarcane or corn starch, and has many of the thermoforming and protective characteristics of plastic. PLA can be used to make thermoformed trays for fresh and frozen foods, and is suitable for microwavable and hot fill applications. It is also used for sandwich bags and other types of food containment and storage. Historically, PLA has been a relatively expensive type of biodegradable food packaging, but its cost is falling to heightened demand and innovation and improvements in manufacturing processes. High content post consumer waste (PCW) paper materials are also more available and more competitively priced than in past years, again because of increased demand and greater recycling and reprocessing capacity coming on line to meet it. As biodegradable food packaging gains acceptance from food manufacturers and processors, availability and price will continue to improve.

Types of Biodegradable Food Packaging Products

Commonly used standard items include baking sheets, bread bags, paper plates, clamshell sandwich containers, portion cups, lidded and unlidded soup bowls, single and multiple compartment trays, clamshell and two piece salad containers, side dish containers, beverage cups, desert containers, and pie containers. These products can be customized to accommodate special sizes and with labeling or printing for product identification or branding purposes. Standard products have the advantage of being available at competitive prices in small quantities, with same day or next day delivery. Custom products are more suitable for high volume requirements and when branding is a priority.

Recycled folding cartons, used as primary packaging for cereal, snack foods, and a host of other products, are frequently chosen because of their sustainable characteristics. For secondary packaging in the food industry, PLA based shrink films are becoming more widely available, and compostable and degradable loose fill products have been on the market for many years. Corrugated shipping boxes with high post consumer waste content can be used without compromising product protection.

JSBlueRidge also take care of our customers and environment we deals with paper and food packaging products and also in others biodegradable products.

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