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3 Ways To Use Pop It Toy To Help An Autistic Child

by QC Team JS 19 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Many children love to play with fidget toys: you know those spinners, stress balls, Pop It things that give your hands something to do while you watch something or read or just sitting alone. Nowadays everyone's favorite has to be the Pop it ones that you see everywhere in all different sizes and colors where you press the holes in like bubble wrap then turn it over to do the same again. The repetitive motion, the soothing soft sound, and the satisfaction of doing a full line or the full toy really help her relax and unwind after a long day at school. 

But other than just sitting popping them is there anything else you can use them for to help an autistic child? Here are a few ideas which are used to help an autistic child.

Turn-taking games

There are many types of fidget toys available in the market like there are larger pop-it toys specifically designed for such games but if you don’t want to spend the extra expense of buying one you can use any ones you have already and a spare dice. The idea of this game is simple: everyone takes turns rolling the dice and popping that number of ‘bubbles’ on the toy and who is the first to get their toy fully popped wins. This game is especially good for helping children learn turn-taking. For younger children, it helps simple counting and addition and for older children, it can help problem-solving and simple fractions.

Seeing positives 

Many children and also adults struggle with anxiety and misunderstanding social communication. They can have a tendency to dwell on negativity and focus on things that might go wrong more than anything positive. They sit alone sometimes with their fingers popping one of their favorite pop-it toys repeating something negative over and over. One day I sat with one of them and gave them one pop it and I told them to press and of these bubbles whenever they feel demotivated and negative and then press some bubbles when they feel positive and motivated this helps them to relieve stress.

Almost every time when we counted the bad things and the good things they actually found, very visibly, that in fact, their day hadn’t been anything like as bad as they had realized. The visual aspect helped them see that while bad things do happen so do good things.

As a calming tool

Sometimes emotions can be confusing for many autistic children and finding a release from sensory overload is essential. like punching bags, most people used that as a stress reliever but we cannot carry that always with us and so on have their place sometimes these just can’t be so easily accessed and it’s good to have a portable small item that has the ability to calm and soothe quickly. So Pop is the best option for everyone.

Pop-it toys are cheap, collectible, and colorful and are as individual as every child. They are trending on TikTok, YouTube, and in school playgrounds everywhere. I wish they’d been around when I was a kid too! 

 If you want to check out so I have in the pictures, just click the words below.

1. Pop It Gamepad

2. Rainbow Square

3. Rainbow Handgrip

Where Can You Get Pop Its?

You can find them at jsblueridge, Amazon, Walmart etc. they sell pop-it fidget toys. These e-commerce sites also do trading of these pop-it and sell pop-it in bulk.

Just check it out on the link given below 

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